Friday, July 15, 2011


Ok I’m sorry- I know it has been awhile since my last blog and I apologize. It’s funny you know? When I wasn’t sure where I was going, when my love life was as successful as Obama’s attack on the deficit, when I needed a break from life- it was humorous to you…right? I get it- there is a reason why I stayed up last night until 11 watching Tru TV’s Dumbest Partiers. People that can’t get their shit together are hilarious, look at Snookie! But what happens when the storm subsides? Will I fall out of the blogging lime light because my life is less unfortunate, there for hilarious to the general public?

What is the black sheep’s claim to fame once shaved of his telling wool? I suppose I could go another route with my humor. Instead of asking you to join me in celebrating my daily woes I could make fun of others, but really a lawsuit for cyber bullying is not what I am looking for. I could go on and on telling you of my happiness but not only is that not funny, it is pompous and so not my style. After giving it a lot of thought I have decided to take you into my head (scary, I know). You see while content, even ecstatic at times I am not quite comfortable in happiness. I feel like an exchange student from the Middle East who comes to the US and discovers, peace, MTV and pop tarts but cannot truly embrace these wonders because the trip at some point must come to an end.

I find myself looking around my beautiful house, cuddling with my attentive, handsome, hard working partner, tucking my son into his bed and reading him a story, and walking the dog all the while thinking that at any minute I will trip, fall down the stairs, and wake up in my chaotic past. Or, in a mental institute having dreamt the whole happy life thing up in a wine induced slumber. And so I tip toe afraid to fall of the axis. And if you have ever seen my level of gracefulness you will know that the idea of this clumsy gal tiptoeing through day to day has much promise to be funny.


Janice said...

Embrace and enjoy Morgan! :D

tammyc said...

well said. welcome back!