Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mommy Pees...?!?!

We have reached the crucial time in every toddler’s life, that the Mommy and the Daddy have had enough of diapers and wet sheets….the time when the push for using the potty is more important than…well anything really. I am pretty sure that I would sacrifice a cute and cuddly animal or a distant relative if it meant that diapers were a thing of our families past, even a far memory or a lapse in memory all together.

I must warn you that this post is going to contain entirely TMI…but whatever, you know more about me than initially intended anyway, why stop now.

Our bathroom (Oh no this is a bathroom blog) has 2 potties in it. One that looks just like the one in your bathroom, and one that is a smaller version that sings songs and dispenses stickers when splashing occurs. We have tried all sorts of methods for tempting the toddler to the toilet. We have sworn that Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Train and Special Agent Oso all use the potty. We have thrown parties that rival actual birthday celebrations any time he even attempts the feat. And we lead by example, as in the bathroom door in our house is always open while we demonstrate our own, grown up potty skills.

Little Man is very proud of us both. He insists on coming into the bathroom with anyone that experiences the urge while visiting our home. He follows me, PMH, and any of our friends into the bathroom and claps for us, and celebrates every time we …well, you know. I am even told “Good Boy, Mommy!” when I use the potty.

Last night, was the topper though. Little Man agreed that while I was using the big potty, he would humor me and sit his naked little bottom on the sticker dispensing potty. I am convinced that he did this for my benefit, to help me be a big girl. Shockingly (said with severe sarcasm), Pretty Much Hubby used the last of the toilet paper and didn’t replace it. Being that the door was conveniently open while the LM and I sat in company of each other on our matching commodes, I yelled to PMH “Honey, can you bring me some toilet paper?”

“Mommy, what you say?” says the naked baby.

“I said that Daddy needs to bring me toilet paper”

“Mommy pees?”

“Yes, Bubba, Mommy peed”

“MOMMY PEES” he screams.

“Yes, MOMMY PEES, did Little Man pee?”


So we may not have the potty thing down but, at least we are polite…..

“Sorry baby, you are right…Daddy, can you PEES bring me some toilet paper?”


Camille said...

That's adorable!

Anonymous said...

Bumper, you are delightful. Glad I found this.