Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Okay- so I had 2 glasses of red last night- but I have excuses and I feel that they are legit .
           1. I made stoganoff and it has red wine in it- which meant that I had to buy some, open it and I couldn't get the cork back in (you'll never know if that is the truth).
           2. I had a friend come over and I am not rude..had to offer her a glass, which she kindly accepted- and again not wanting to be rude, I could not let her drink alone. Okay, she only had one glass and I had two but I wanted her to feel like she could have 2 if she wanted...which she didn't...but I did!

I am not going to let this deter me.  I didn't have any glasses of wine on Monday night- which is a feat in itself.  Two on tuesday, averages out to be one a night which is much more acceptable (except in my group of friends and family) than a bottle a night which is where I was averaging until two days ago.  I am not going to have any tonight or tomorrow and then it is Friday.  Friday is fair game.  And two and a half days away....and I will be fine. me is like a bad know the one that you love, but isn't that good for you.  The one that you think about indulging in when you are stressed, bored, or just in the mood.  The bad guy that is actually good for you in moderation but whom you should never get addicted to or settle down with.  I have always had a thing for bad guys...and wine!


Colin McGee said...

I like this! I've been there too... :) Nice one Morgan!

Anonymous said...

GGGAAASSSSPPPPPP!!!!! Liz only had one glass of wine? LOL :) xoxo