Monday, January 25, 2010

Grounding Oneself

In an effort to slip on my skinny jeans while simultaneously saving my liver I have decided, after lengthy consideration to...are you sitting down?..cut down on the wine drinking.  I came to this conclusion when PMH arrived home Friday night with a bottle of wine.  Instead of being cheery and thankful, I was annoyed that he didn't get 2 bottles- it was Friday afterall.  Later Pretty Much Hubby returned to the store and got bottle number two that only lasted an hour tops.  This my friends, is a bit of a problem.  There is no reason what so ever that a bottle of wine should not be enough for two of us on a totally average Friday night.  It was not Christmas, New Years or even National Thank Your Secretary Day and yet I felt the need to over indulge..yet again. 
I have decided to cut out the wine during the week.  No convincing myself that I need a reward after my stressful Monday.  No more tipsy Tuesdays, wine on Wednesdays or Thursdays after work while cleaning the bar Cosmo.  I will cut back on calories, save money and make my liver think it has been transplanted to another body- and I will not complain..Okay, that is a lie I am sure I will complain alot, but this is important to me.  I need to show myself that I don't need wine.  I need to explore different ways of de-stressing and I need my son to stop calling my wine glass- Mommy's Milk. 
I will not however give up completely- I am not a quitter.  I will save my Sauvignon Blanc sipping for the weekends, a beer with lunch on Saturdays and start Sundays with a Mimosa.  I enjoy drinking and I think that there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you have control...something that seems to dissipate with bottle number two. 
To Saving the Liver and Thy Self...... Wish me luck and have one for me would ya!