Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yoga- by definition (mine) is a relaxing form of stretching in which one becomes aware of the connection between mind, body and spirit (?). 
It is a new year and like many of you I am turning over a new, fit leaf.  For three (long) days now I have been doing yoga and just like I swore to you that I loved Weight Watchers I will swear to you that I love yoga! I feel like I am standing taller, my muscles feel massaged and I am already envisioning myself with a Jennifer Anniston-esq physique.  I am envisioning myself with her hair too, but that is neither here nor there.
I have been doing yoga in the comfort of my own living room both before and after work ( I know I will burn out).  In the morning I am at peace and I find that a few seconds in downward dog revives me as much as the red bull of my past.  I listen to the soft voice on the tape that tells me to close my eyes and be at peace in my body.  Little Man and Pretty Much Hubby are sleeping so I am able to capture the essence of the quiet morning.
Yoga in the PM...another story.  I thought it might be fun to ask Little Man to excersize with Mommy.  Cheerfully he accepted my invitation and attempted the first pose.  I was exstatic as I felt I had bannished the "no time to excersize" excuse.  For a minute I even pretended that I was the mother that fed her yoga doing toddler all organic foods instead of frozen pizza.  I closed my eyes and began to breathe like I was being instructed to do...And then, I was hit in the head with a book.
The remainder of my 20 miute yoga session actually took 32 minutes, as I had to pause the video three times.  Once to put Toddler With No Ears in his crib for not listening.  Once to remove him from my back while I was in a position called something, something cat and another time to set up a movie for Little Man far from my yoga mat.
By the time my session was coming to an end, and I was supposed to be meditating- I was angry, my head hurt from the hurling of the hard cover and my ears were ringing from the constant screaming.  I was not relaxed, I was not feeling like a cool, collected celebrity.  I was however, never more ready for my evening glass (or four) of wine!


Anonymous said...

Way back when... when I used to do yoga at home... way before the coming of the second child.... It was the DOGS who distracted me. They always thought for sure each pose was a new way to play, snuggle or give kisses... Finally I learned that yoga was best done out of my house and worth every penny spent to do it in a studio. I have no problems buying piece and quiet!!! By the way I think you are far more beautiful than Jennifer Aniston!

Much Love-

P.S Keep up the hard work.. Yoga is good for the body & soul!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I've tried to be the yoga mom that feeds my kid organic food instead of frozen pizza lasted just about as long as yours did! My kid still won't exercise with me...he much prefers to sit there and judge me out loud!

Good luck with your yoga!

joanna said...

I've tried exercising with the kids too - not fun. And that's my excuse for not exercising at all. There are kid yoga videos and cards out there - they pretend to be animals. I'm planning to try that (soon, one day, eventually...).

I'd stick to the morning routine :)

Eternally Distracted said...

I was banned from yoga for laughing! I am afraid I would have been with your son giggling and throwing books ;0)