Friday, March 12, 2010

Not again...

I’m not sure yet, if my morning mishaps have become cumbersome and overdone- however, my blondest moments happen to occur prior to my first sip of coffee…what I am getting at is that this is another blog about well…my morning.

I will tell this story a little differently- just to switch it up a bit. Ill start with the result of my AM goof- I think I have a brain tumor- it’s the only explanation, I am not even a real blonde for crying out loud.

Now, onto the events as they happened: This morning was a bit out of the ordinary (my excuse). You see Little Mans daycare is closed for the afternoon due to staff training. This means that PMH is staying home with Little Man so that I can go to work (gee thanks). Because I did not have to get LM up, dressed and brushed this morning I allowed my self an extra 4 minutes to sleep in- 7:30..not 7:26- blissful. Because of such decision, however, I would not have time to make coffee at home- therefore a stop at the gas station becomes inevitable.

I get my coffee, chat with the attendant about the happiness that Fridays bring and make my way to my rig. On my way out of the parking lot I see an old friend hanging out of his company vehicle motioning me to stop and chat…I glance at the clock and see that I am actually going to be on time if I don’t chat- but then again I am never on time so I pull to the right. Window down old friend pops his head into my passenger side and we perform the humanistic ritual of shooting the shit. I want you to know that I have not sipped my coffee yet because it will take another 8 miles for it to cool enough to where if and when I spill it on me while driving I will only walk away with a first degree burn and a stained shirt.

Realizing that I have not seen this friend in AGES I say “have you even met my son?” as I tick my neck in the direction of Little Mans car seat…Little Mans empty car seat. Friend looks puzzled and as I turn to tell Little Man to say hi to mommy’s friend, I realize my faux pas. I giggle…a lot…and then try and explain.

“Oh wait”, I mutter, “I don’t have him”.

Long lost friend furrows his brow and says nervously, “Should you?”

I am seriously considering a cat scan.


Colin McGee said...

Loved this!

Megan said...


better to think you are supposed to have him than forgetting that you have him and leave him in the car.

i always think i have my son with me and have moments of panic when he's not in the back of my car. then i need to rewind and figure out where exactly he is and if in fact he's supposed to be there.

this parenting thing is hard.

tammyc said...

morgan, your mornings are becoming legendary! i love it.

Jessica said...

Fucking awesome