Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have taken on a new strategy with dating Mr New that I have never really tried before.  It is called Honesty.  For those of you that have no idea what this concept is about, let me clarify.  From day one of dating Mr. New I have been honest (not lied or mislead) to the point of which I may scare him a bit. 
My theory behind this new and foreign concept to me is that Mr. New will go into the relationship knowing full on what he is signing up for.  For example, I do not sleep in pretty nighties and push up bras like the women in Two and a Half Men sleep in.  Most nights I sleep in yoga pants, socks and a sweatshirt and the chances of this changing are about as high as Charlie Sheen getting sober.  Speaking of sober- I like my wine, I like my wine a lot and have no desire to limit myself when it comes to that vice.
 I also have tendencies to be a bit jealous.  I want to believe that Mr. New has had eyes for no one else since the minute he laid his on me.  I want Mr. new to confirm this belief of mine by repeatedly stating "I have only had eyes for you, since the minute I saw you."  While we are being honest- the M word.  As in Marriage- yeah, I want it.  I also want to order the steak and mashed potatoes and not the salad. 
I don't like South Park or Pink Floyd (almost broke the deal with those two).  I do like flowers and jewelry....and vacations.  And I do like Mr. New.  I like Mr. New alot...and he knows this.  He also knows that I am not a real blond and that this flawless year round tan comes out of the blue and gold bottle that is currently on the sink in his bathroom.


Sarah said...

Love it.

King Benny said...

The only thing you can be as yourself anyways. Being fake sucks because you know sooner or later someone is going to catch you and it will bite you in the bum. I learned the whole honesty thing works best when I started hanging out with you four months later and hasn't failed me yet.