Friday, May 15, 2009

Driving Miss Ditsy

This morning started like any other morning. I woke up 10 minutes late, took a 4 minute shower in which I washed my hair twice because I couldn't remember if I had washed it the first time until I washed it the second time and had dejavu. I grabbed clothing from the hamper unsure of wether it was clean or dirty, dressed the little man, kissed the big man and exited the builing. I quickly realised that the car seat was in Daddy's truck..Crap. Placed Little Man in Big Man's drivers seat while I unhooked car seat. Little man in one arm, car seat in the other head to my vehicle. I open the door with the third arm that mysteriously grows out of no where when you have a child, and place car seat in car, child in car seat, car seat buckled. Viola I am Super Mom!

I glance at the time and use my third arm to pat myself on the back because contrary to my normal routine, I am ahead of schedule.

I have a 30 minute commute to child care and work, I have time to stop for coffee. I pull in to the gas station and park in the Handicap spot, because at this point in the morning until I have coffee I really am handicapped. I leave the car running so that Little Man can enjoy the morning chat show, and I go inside to grab my java. It is going to be a good day, I can tell.

Coffee in hand and smile on my face I say good day to my favorite convenient store workers and I leave, practically skipping out of the building. I get to my car, I open the drivers seat, and there in all his glory is my 17 month old son, parked in the captains chair, big smile on his face, miniature hands grasped firmly around the stearing wheel.

You see, while I was busy applauding myself for getting out of the house on time this morning, and getting the car seat hooked in to the car with one hand, I forgot one very important step. I forgot to buckle my son into the car seat. It took little man less than 4 minutes to climb out of the car seat, Spiderman his way up over the center console, absail down into the drivers seat and park himself comfortably in command.


joanna said...

"...until I have coffee I really am handicapped." :D That is hilarious!

Where can I get one of the 3rd arms? I need one to slap myself when I do things like this!