Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vegas, Befrore Dark

After getting my taxes back this year, I did what any responsible young parent with a mortgage and too many bills would do. I booked a romantic trip to Vegas for my Honey and me. It would be great. We were leaving the baby for the first time, to be young and carefree in the city of Sin! We would have cocktails at a swanky piano bar before heading to a late romantic dinner at some fabulous celebrity owned restaurant. We would see exotic Vegas style shows and then in the wee hours of the morning we would chase eachother back to our fabulous hotel room and...well you know. Sleeping in was our top priority, as it has become a thing of the past. Champagne brunch followed by lazily tanning ourselves in the sun would preceed yet another wild night. It would be just like our old partying days only Vegas style!

We arrived in Vegas at 6pm, 9pm Vermont time. We were a bit jet lagged, starving after reluctantly skipping the in flight meal and in need of showers. Honey was already suggesting just grabbing food at the airport and calling it a night. Not a chance. We checked in, showered and headed to one of our hotel restaurants and enjoyed a great authentic Italian meal served to us by a very nice Croatian waiter named Florin. You see I remember his name because he is also a real estate agent in Vegas and gave us his card in case we were ever in the market to buy a home in Vegas...
We were asleep before 10...Jet lag you know?

Now I have heard that they pump special air into the hotels and casinos in Vegas to keep people awake. I like to think that that was the reason that I was awake at 6:30. It had nothing to do with the fact that I had not slept past 7am in 15 months. We love our child, I swear.

Poolside. Wow, 84 degrees at 10 in the morning. This was why we came! US Weekly in hand and self tanned to the max I was ready to sip a Margarita and cuddle with Honey in the desert sun. Life is good.

Did you know that March is when colleges have spring break? I will never forget that again. Ten minutes into our relaxing laguna like experience, what seemed like the entire Penn State population barreled in to the pool area. They were either still drunk from the night before or had started really early. Some of them unmistakenly had an Extasy cocktail for breakfast.
The girls were more confident than I ever remember being, completely oblivious that they were all carrying an extra 20 lbs of beer weight in an already too tight bikini. The boys didn't seem to care either, wish I had known that when I was airbrushing all my flaws away thanks to Sally Hansen, for 20 minutes before even looking at my bikini.

Honey and I exchanged "Oh great" looks. How could these kids be staying at the same hotel, when we paid alot of money to have a nice relaxing vacation.......Oh my god! I am that person...that Old Person that forgot that I ever did any of those fabulously care free things that these wasted co eds were having soo much fun doing.

We ordered a drink from our equally as young and adorable ( I actually called her adorable) cocktail waitress, we toasted to "Us", sat back and nostalgically enjoyed the show.

While in Vegas we never stayed up past 11, might have even been 10:30. And, although nothing happened that had to "stay in Vegas" I wouldn't have changed a thing....except maybe next year we will go some where a little more family friendly, and bring our little man. We missed him more than we could have ever imagined.


joanna said...

Yes, you are OLD... not! Funny how kids DO change everything, regardless if they're there in person or not.

Jess said...

Haha today is my last day of classes in my undergraduate career and I fear that in 10 days it will no longer be acceptable to still be drunk from the night before and or start early...