Friday, August 21, 2009

The Perfect World Club

Occassionally, for reasons unknown, the female species will gather in groups will the sole purpose of tearing other members of their species love handle, squeeky voice, and inappropriate outfit at a time. This unusual gathering can happen at anytime however, most frequently this ritual occurs between the hours of 5-7pm a time often referred to as Happy Hour.

In my circle of female friends and family we refer to this gathering as a meeting of The Perfect World Club. Let me just tell you that no one is safe. Many times the words and phrases ridiculous, give me a break, and who does she think she is can be heard from the mouths of the members. We discuss brown nosing co workers, nosy neighbors, slutty sorta friends, miserable marriages and bratty kids. We forget all of our own imperfections for the length of the meeting and focus on everyone elses.

There is no real explination as to why we feel better at the end of the session, but we always do. Maybe it is that we like to imagine others lives more chaotic, and disfunctional than ours. Maybe the fight we had with our hubby over dishes seems miniscule in comparison to the husband caught at an orgy (actually happened!). For some reason we feel better about the family that seems so perfect when we hear that their teenager is gay or that they haven't had sex in 6 months. Hey, I am not saying that I am proud of feeling comfort in others misfortunes...Im just owning up to it.

Whatever the reason I have to point out that at the end of the day, no one is harmed. Members of the club feel revived and stress free. We feel as if we really are living in The Perfect World....compared to the crazies we are surrounded by anyway! In reality, none of our lives are perfect, and if they were life would be boring and breeze by. So please, forgive the female human species for their natural tendencies to gab and gossip. It could be worse, we could eat our own young or bite the heads off our mates after we are through with them.


Anonymous said...

Well said, just make sure you are aware of who the original administrators and current officers are!! Perhaps your description of the nosy neighbor should be further detailed as the outside livingroom window on porch eavesdropper!!

Heidi D said...

I actually read in one of my many magazines that those who gossip and chit chat are less stressed... I agree get the pressure of life off the chest and breathe an little laughter at the end of each silly reasoning for the conversation in the first place!