Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some People Disgust Me

I find jokes about penises hilarious, I laugh uncontrollably when someone farts unexpectedly, and I find humor at others expense. I can bait my own hook and play in the dirt with my son. Wha am getting at is that i am not easily disgusted. Recently, however, I was utterly and undeniably stomach turning disgusted and I wasn't even watching The Biggest Loser. No, I was watching a middle aged married woman sitting at a bar across from the very man that she had had an affair with in the bathroom of said bar. It is not the blow job in the mens room that has me holding back the vomit, it is the fact that this revolting woman is sitting with the mans unsuspecting wife. Not only is she sitting with her, she is chatting to her like old friends. She is sharing her pizza for F's sake.

They are chatting about their kids and how school is starting soon and how summer went by to fast. They even at one point discussed the fact that the Cheating Man and his Unsuspecting Wife are high school sweet hearts...isn't that touching.

I couldn't believe it. Who does this want to be Cougar think she is? It is of no shock to anyone in our small town that this Woman and her husband cheat on eachother more often than Brittney Spears has a melt down, but come on. She could have at least decided when Unus Wife and cheating Hub walked in to leave. She could have stayed, and not beckoned UW to come and sit with her. She could have not made a mockery out of this poor woman, who good wife or bad wife does not deserve to be humiliated by the actions of her unfaithful husband and his pathetically unhappy harlot.

It is none of my business what goes on in peoples marriages. I am not naive to the fact that many marriages don't work, many peope have affairs, and many unsuspecting wives sit next to their husbands drunken hook up in a bar and carry on conversations about kids, and seasons.

When this sort of thing goes on out in public, it becomes everyones business...small town or not. I know what happened, and now I am forced to look at Usus Wife sitting with Town Bicycle and I am suppose to just carry on as if i dont know that weeks earlier Town Bicycle was giving Unsus Wfes Unfaithful husband a rim job mere feet away.

I am pretty sure that Town Bicycle was aware of my disgust as I shookmy head at her any time she looked in my direction, she didn't tip me ( I am the bartender). Well, she did'nt tip me monetarily but she did give me a tip, when an unhappily married middle aged woman is akwardly friendly to you antd offers you a slice of her pizza slap the bitch and call a divorce attorney.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't TOWN BICYCLE know she's got a flat as well as a couple chinks in her chain??!!

Morgan U said...