Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Real Me

The whole point of a vacation is to really not accomplish anything for at least 4 days, and I can say with gusto that I aced vacation. Technically, I probably only got a B+ because unbeknownst to me, while lounging on the beach without a care in the world, I actually did accomplish something. I began to daydream about the life that I wish I had, the woman that I want to be...The Real Morgan U. The real me is not a glorified secretary who goes to work because the mortgage payment needs to be paid. No, that is not me at all.

The real me, that I invented and spent endless hours dreaming of wakes up every morning to the smell of fresh brewed coffee (the real me is organised enough to set the coffee maker each evening). I wrap my self in a plush hotel like bathrobe, pour myself a cup of coffee and open my laptop to check for letters from my editor and publicist, and to answer some fan mail. I wake up my child and get him ready for the day. I drop him at daycare and take my beloved laptop (which I do not own), and head for the coffee shop.
For some reason in this ideal world of mine it is always fall, and I am dressed effortlessly elegant in skinny jeans, knee high boots and a chunky cardigan and scarf. My hair is held in a sexy bun by a pencil (never happen), and I have a glow to me because I spend my days doing what I love, therefor the dark circles that have made themselves a lovely home under my eyes are gone.
I spend my days either at the coffee shop, the library, the lake or the comfort of my own home...writing. I write a column in a well known magazine while working on my novel and keeping everyone up to date through my blog, because after all if it weren't for the blog I wouldn't have realised that the real me is a writer.
I pick up my son from daycare, and head home to make a fabulous dinner for myself, my son and my husband (the real me gets proposed to) while listening to Billy Holiday and sipping red wine.
Besides the sexy hair that stays put with a pencil, all of this is possible....I have the wonderful son, the hopes that my pretty much husband will pop the question and make it official, I have a cozy home....I just need to find a way to ditch the dead end job that is slowly sucking my spirit and make a career out of writing. Any thoughts?


Heidi D said...

Glad you enjoyed your daydreaming vacation, and received some well needed rest... the whole job sucking spirits thing good luck and if you find any detour around the suckers let me know... share the wealth of happiness... Missing "uppter" glad to hear in your ideal world daycare is still a major part :)

joanna said...

Oh, oh, oh! (that's me crying a little bit). Do we have to talk!!! When are you coming over?

Teri said...

I don't know how to make all that happen for you.....I will try to work on the PMH :)....but all I know is that you ARE a writer and I can not tell you how much I LOVE your blog. It is a highlight of my day to sit down with a glass of wine and read about the real Morgan U. I even have my co-workers reading it! XOXO