Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I dont want to alarm you.  I haven't been diagnosed by a doctor...yet, but I am pretty sure that I have a severe allergy to..this is hard to admit..work.  I have spent the day at home with my toddler who refuses to share toys but happily accepts it when other toddlers share pinkeye and lice.  Today it is the tummy bug that keeps me out of the office and Little Man away from daycare.  Now, with Little Man surprisingly chipper for having recently vomited, it has been an easy day in comparison.  We spent the morning lazily reading and playing in our jammies while sipping coffee/milk.  We slept an hour and half later than we normally do on any given Tuesday, and yet by 12 the thought of his nearing nap causes me to salivate.  It is similar to my days at work.  For the most part, I enjoy my job, the people I work with and my daily tasks, yet around 12 again, I have had enough. 

My sister is allegic to everything cats.  She loves cats, but after a few hours she is itching her eyes, and sneezing.  As painful as this is to admit, although I love my son more than any one can imagine, after a few hours, I too get teary and feel a slight headache coming on...allergy.  I only feel better after I have put him in the other room to rest for a few hours.  The swelling of my brain goes down, my headache diminishes and I am good for another half a day once he awakes.  My allergy symptoms do not come back until around 8:30-which is usually around the time that LM begins showing signs of being allergic to me as well.
At work the symptoms of my allergy are stronger and come on much faster.  It usually begins with a ringing in my ear (the phone).  Next, I find myself shaking (usually after my third cup of coffee on an empty stomach).  I need to eat or I will faint from the constant griping at the water cooler.  My eyes blur just a few hours into staring at my computer screen and by 1 my head ache is usually unbearable. 
Funnily enough the only medicine that eases my at work allergies is the thought and sight of my Little Man at the end of the day.
Once home, I am happy and content until the work must begin again.  Putting a meal together for my family often times brings out my most severe symptoms- the irritability at times is uncontrollable and quite contagious, and dont get me started on the clean up. My only cure for the irritability comes in the form of a wine glass.  If taken before symptoms occur, most often, I am able to avoid them all together. 

The conclusion is that work, and anything that causes me to HAVE to do anything is detrimental to my health.  I think I too need a nap in the middle of the day, a break from anyone and anything that NEEDs me for ANYTHING. I need time to myself to think, read, write, do Yoga, or watch The Hills.  I need to not be needed, for like an hour- everyday...and then I will feel grateful for the rest of the time where I am made to feel like the world will come crashing down unless I am there.


Anonymous said...

December 8th, that's ten days ago. What about your faithfull followers? Only because I get my fix every Thursday night working with you I am okay. But what about the rest of your followers, they need more blogging from you!!!!!