Sunday, September 20, 2009

Channeling My Inner Cave Woman

Today, I did man chores..and I did them well. Okay, I needed a man to start the lawn mower, but once started I was unstoppable. Blades of grass were surrendering to me like I was Mussolini. Sweat was dripping down my back as I was circling our half acre lot like a dirt track. While pushing the vibrating, bladed piece of machinery I was thinking of the cave women who wore fox pelts and clubbed small animals to death for dinner. I was channeling my inner cave woman as I carried on with my man chore.

Later feeling like I might just stop shaving my legs and start burning my bra, I got the fantastic idea to build a fire in our fire pit. Every other time I have wanted to have a fire this summer I would make Honey do it. He would offer to show me and I would was beneath me and I was a lady (stop laughing if you know me). But after my brief affair with testosterone earlier in the day, I felt I had it in me. And you know what? I built a freaking fire!

Later, I went inside and lit my new scented candle. I made the bed with the pretty throw pillows that Honey is not allowed to even look at, and then I made myself a pink frilly Cosmopolitan to sip while watching Lifetime..So maybe I am not ready to throw in the Egyptian Cotton towel yet. But, I just might go out and buy myself a cute little Lawn Mowing Outfit!


Caitlin Canty said...

did you also wear green ear cups like my dad does when he mows the lawn?

Morgan U said... but if they come in pink...

Anonymous said...

Try mowing the lawn with a toddler in the backpack! Talk about burning calories and really getting in touch with that inner cave woman!