Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Diet School Drop Out

This afternoon I had a plan to tackle that extra ten (15) lbs that just wont leave my ass alone. I brought a slim fast shake (that has been sitting in my fridge since the last snow fall) to work with me so that I could sip it while going to Weight Watchers. I was going to sign up, get weighed and leave with my point book in hand. That was the plan anyway.

Here is what really happened. I left the slim fast shake in the fridge thinking that I should allow myself one more take out lunch before sacrificing my self to the diet gods. Armed with a debit card and an empty tummy (for weigh in) I headed to where I thought WW was. Well, shockingly, it wasn’t. Apparently what I thought was WW was a credit union(?).

Frustrated, and with no where to turn, I crossed the street to the fish market and ordered myself a tuna- melt. Do I want to add fries and coleslaw to that for $2? DUH!

Now that my tummy is full of fresh (from vt) fish and greasy fries, I am feeling guilty. Maybe the reason that I don’t fit into my skinny jeans has a little something to do with my ability to convince myself that calories don’t count when:
It’s the last day before starting a diet
Its Friday.
It’s a holiday.
When eaten in pairs (for example 2 pieces of cheese cake cancel each other out)
While PMSing.
While stressed.

Maybe if I stop making excuses my ass will stop expanding!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Very funny post but I think you worry to much about the way you look. You look fine. Remember the old saying, "The race is long but in the end it's only with yourself."

Anonymous said...

Seriously Fergy, I F*CKIN LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! haha XOXO

Love Sa

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan! Nic told me about your blog. I like!!
Des (from Africa?)

tammyc said...

hi morgan, i am getting caught up on my reading. thanks for giving me such enjoyable saturday morning reading material.