Friday, September 4, 2009

They Didn't Send Me a Letter....

I got pulled over on Wednesday. As soon as I saw the blue lights I knew that my running from the law had caught up with plan..Dumb it!
Before Officer Bubble Butt has a chance to open his lip-less mouth I peek out the window and put on my best "frightened child" face.
"What did I do?" I say, in a voice just slightly higher and raspier (aka sexier) than my god given.
Leaning on one foot to tilt his head in the direction of my inspection sticker, he says "Your inspection sticker expired on the last day of June."
Faking shock and bewilderment, I bight my lower lip and say "It did? I didn't get anything in the mail." Even I am trying not to laugh at my own obvious attempt at utter stupidity. Waiting for a response I start to ponder..should I break down in sobs, should I tell him that I am a widow whose husband used to take care of everything?
"Well, yeah...they don't send you anything in the mail, you are supposed to read the sticker" he says, and I breathe a bit, realizing that Dumb Blonde is working like a charm.
As if on cue, my wonderfully trained son pipes up from his car seat "Hi". Officer BB smiles at him. I am golden!
"Let me take your info and I will be right back."
While the nice man sits in his patrol car, I sit awaiting my fate. I turn to Little Man and slap him five. He was the icing on my cake of deceit just minutes ago.
Officer Bubble Butt comes back to the car with a ticket! You have got to be kidding me!
"I am going to give you this ticket", he says as my eyes actually start to well. "But, I will give you 2 days to get it inspected and bring me proof and i will tear it up."
Welling up eyes quickly dry. I thank him in my soft and raspy voice and leave. You know what? Sometimes, It doesn't hurt being a babe!


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahaha that didnt work for me!But they dont have a dumd red hair saying. Anywho....Good Job!

Morgan U said...

a mystery red're killing me...reveal yourself!

Anonymous said...

I believe that at the end of july SOMEONE gave you a warning that it had expired. ;)
SO.....did you get it inspected?

Morgan U said...

it is inspectd and ticket is in trash!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned you got a ticket for that BRIGHT yellow #6 expired inspection sticker. Reading it is much funnier I have to say

heidi said...

too "they didn't send me anything in the mail" I would of never thought of that one so quickly... has this happened before? glad it all worked out!!!

tammyc said...

laughing my ass off!