Monday, April 12, 2010

Popcorns and Pine Cream Cones

Day one of my staycation- and Little Man is home sick. There goes my sleeping in, coffee in bed, Regis and Kelly and day to pop out a few chapters in the novel I have decided to write.  Luckily, after a night of sickening symptoms that I won't make you suffer through- Little Man seems his chipper self today.  After lazily fromping our way through the morning, I decided to swing into gear and enjoy the day with my minnie me.  I figured a hike was in order. Now don't get the wrong impression of me, I don't do this often- I don't own hiking books and I didn't bring a backpack full of organic snacks nor a can to carry home critters.  Actually I went for a walk and veered a bit off course- ending up ditching the stroller and playing pretend jungle with my very imaginitive two year old on the VAST trail. 

Mommy is this a popcorns?
No LM, thats an acorn.

Mommy, look at the bing (big) Pine Cream Cone he proudly says as he holds the trophy size Pine Cone in the air.

I tell him that that is the biggest Pine Cream Cone that I have ever seen, and feeling content with my response he throws it in the woods and moves on.  I am not sure how far we walked, could have been half a mile could have been 2.  LM jumped off of every big rock he saw and tripped over every rock bigger than a pebble that bravely stood in his path.  He kicked leaves, and ate dirt.  He broke a stick in half while making a face like a weight lifters.  Did I mention that he tripped?
I may have been a bit disappointed that my day was not going to  be spent in solitaire at first, but its managed to be quite a great afternoon... not to mention the hour on Magic Mountain has put Little Man in a wonderfully deep nap- so I write.


Anonymous said...

Bumper: Your words make me smile and I'm jazzed they give you such a thrill. LM sounds like a treat.

Lynn said...

It was great seeing you and Tup! Where were you friday?? Lots of love! Lynn

Morgan U said...

Im glad you enjoy it Uncle E!