Friday, April 30, 2010

Tank You Wary Much

I figured I would give the Thai restaurant in town the benefit of the doubt. Maybe, the reason that there are NEVER any cars in the parking lot is that this is VT. Vermonters consider Taco Bell a perfectly acceptable restaurant when craving food of a foreign land. Thai food does not appeal to many of the meat and potato people that populate the whitest state in the United States. I on the other, classy hand (huh hmmm) love to tantalize my taste buds with flavors of a foreign decent. Thai Star- here I come.

My lunch date and I arrive and optimistically proclaim that we were in the mood to have our own restaurant today anyway...right?

When handed menus by the little prepubescent Asian (not sure if Thai) girl, my lunch partner, whom I will refer to as Harley asked what the specials were.

Um...Thai Teen looks down at the teal carpet and shrugs...I don't know. She walks away.

Harley and I are left to look at menus that say Lunch Special with no idea what the particular special is. We debate whether or not she is going to the kitchen to ask or whether she is hoping that we are content guessing. When she comes back carrying what appears to be 2 Orange Creamsicles with straws poked in them (our Thai sweet tea) and then stares blankly at us we decide the latter of the guesses was correct.

Harley, looking for a bit more input from Thai Teen asks what the soup is, that comes with the "Your Guess Is As Good As Mine" Special.

Um...eyes instinctively to the teal carpet a second time. No, I don't sink because it is warm.

Knowing that I should not make eye contact with Harley, I resort to staring at the teal carpet myself, only unlike Thai Teen I am shaking uncontrollably in an over the top, completely inappropriate fit of laughter. We order what we hope will be in fact a special lunch. I do so while rudely laughing in her pimply little face. I just can't help it.

At this point Harley and I are unsure if we are getting soup at all- did she mean it is too warm outside for soup? Did she realize that it was about 40 degrees inside the empty restaurant? Would I even eat the soup at this point, because if she had been in the US long enough to know that you spit in the food of rude customers, I was sure to get a loogey in mine.

We didn't get any soup. I got a delicious green shrimp curry and Harley said his sweet and sour pork was lovely. I’m glad that I gave Thai Star a chance; I got a great meal with a dear friend and a blog all in about 30 minutes!


Lynn said...

Too funny! I actually have people at work that
I can't understand.

Ashley.SoItGoes said...

So today's lesson is: go in with low expectations and even loogey soup tastes good!