Thursday, May 6, 2010

City Boy Talks camping

To say that my brother is high strung is like saying that Oprah is well off.  He is wound higher and tighter than Hiedi Montags new cheeks.  When I asked my little city sib if he was interested in camping with us in June his reaction was priceless.

Brother:What is it, like, this camping thing? Like what do you do?
Me:I'm a little confused as to what it is you are asking.  You can't be telling me that you don't know what camping is, right?
Brother:  Well like details, like do we sleep in a car, the woods, a teepee? 

A Teepee? Is he serious? 

Shell shocked Sister of Clearly Disturbed Brother: This is not something new.  Have you never seen Parent Trap or any scary movie where teens venture into the woods to camp only to find out that they are camping on the very hill that a son murdered his mother on and has since never been seen?  Camping is not a foreign concept, why are you so baffled?
Clearly Disturbed Brother of Shell Shocked Sister: Im pumped, this is going to be so fun.  Are there bears there?  I'm not even gonna shower while I'm there.

Oh Boy.

Since our camping convo my brother has called a dozen times to confirm details.  He has decided how the tents should be set up around the fire.  He has studied the DICKS catalogue like it will somehow turn him into the Park Ranger of his dreams.  He has most likely told all of his friends and spent a fortune on outfits fit for camping.  My guess is he has purchased a pocket knife, a compass, a lantern and a weeks worth of Astronaut Ice Cream.  If there is one thing that I can say about my city slicker brother is that he will be prepared.  He will also probably leave the woods of Vermont a little dissappointed that he did not get to Macgyver his way out of a sticky situation, save his family from a rabid bear or even have to rub 2 sticks together to make a fire.  But it will be fun, and you bet your ass I'll have a few more stories to tell so stay tuned!