Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mr Literal

Be careful what you say to my 2 year old- he is not only Captian Obvious these days but he has married that persona with a new one: Mr. Literal.

Captain Obvious shows his colors all day.  "Mommy you driving?", "Mommy you sleeping?", "Mommy you in the living room".  If LM were not a 2 year old my instinct would be to smack him on the forehead while muttering the famously 1990's catch phrase "Duh".

Now we have a new character in the house, and school and he is Mr Literal.  Nothing sums up an introduction to this persona quite like the following story:

A few days ago Little Man's quiet, and easily blushable teacher came to me (literally) red in the face and not doing such a great job of containing her giggle fit.  She informed me that she had to tell me a story. She went on.  You see LM was wearing his new T-shirt, the one with a giraff and a totally unrelated Tag you're it slogan on it.  Teacher told me that she played the game tag with LM all morning uttering the very phrase "Tag you're it" with each gentle pass.  LM would then return the tag- in the exact same spot in which he received it.  As in, Teacher tagged his shoulder so he tagged hers.  Teacher tapped the top of his head- he patted hers right back.  Later in the afternoon while on the changing table, Teacher took it upon herself to clear up LM's tag rules confusion- "You know LM", she said "you don't have to tag me where I tag you, you can tag me wherever you want".  Now, you probably are thinking that my LM shows his love for boobies at this point in time, but that is not where this story is that would be too predictable.  Instead, LM smiled his devilish grin that shows his true colors, dimples and all.  He stretched out his miniature little arm and with a snap slapped Teacher across her shocked face.  "Tag, you it!"


Teri said...

I can so picture that little smile and slap :)