Monday, May 17, 2010

Check Please

Lunch at the Lakehouse restaurant is always a favorite sunny day excursion of mine.  Yesterday while downing sipping two a Margarita, and dining on nachos two ducks swam up to our table.  Little Man was in his glory.  I told him that he could feed them- nachos, hot dogs and french fries are actually really good for ducks.  It's a proven fact. 
While contemplating actually tipping the ducks for entertaining my toddler, instead of tipping our distracted and too big for her short shorts waitress, I peaked along the water line in time to see our pepper shaker floating by.  Ummm...we'll just go ahead and pretend that the pepper shaker was upset about his break up with Salt and decided to take his own life.  It couldn't have been LM, taking opportunity of the fact that mommy was more interested in her Margarita that the rising colesteral levels of the Lake Bomoseen duck population.
Back to chatting about how the nachos would have been better if there was guacamole- I mean really, no guacamole what is this?  I didn't just allow my lunch date to buy me $16 nachos that I could have made at home for $2 did I?  Yes, I did.  Along with spring rolls and 2 top shelf margaritas thank you very much.  What?  I had every intention of pulling out my debit card and pretending that I was planning on at least contributing. 
My table is missing a fork.  My toddler is smiling.  The ducks are full and yet still find flight.  I raise my arm and motion to Too Short that we my lunch date is ready for the check.


Heather said...

Morgan! I thought something was missing in my life and then I realized that I was no longer getting links to your page from facebook! It took a little googling but I found you again! I love your blog! I miss you! I'd love to catch up!

Elizabeth said...

Morgan just wanted to let you know I was still following even though I dont have you to tell me to look haha! This one definitely made me laugh but I have no one around to share it with :( miss you and hope all is going well!! Tell the little one I say hello!!