Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrections and Bunnies?

Quick question for you- how did we get a bunny that lays chocolate eggs and jelly beans (do bunnies even lay eggs, arent they mammals?) out of the resurrection of Christ (Jesus is Christ right, or is that God?)?  And which came first the cavity creating rabbit or Jesus?  And why did the Chicken cross the road?  I am so confused.  As if things in this world didnt confuse me enough- you have to go ahead and mix Religion and Hallmark together.  What am I going to do when my son asks me about holidays? 

Mommy why do we have Easter? 

Well Little Man you see, Easter is so that Mommy can drink champagne with her breakfast, and you can have skittles with yours.

But why? (Because this stage is next, I can just feel it)
Because, honey, if I didn't have a reason for it, then they would have to put me in a you want Mommy to go to a clinic?

Okay, then.  Eat you skittles.

Hope eveyone had a happy Easter.  I know we did...well, that's what I was told anyway.


Jess said...

Haha this is too funny and to think i thought it was a waisted holiday

Morgan U said...

Thanks Jess!