Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I've Got Balls!

Today, on my lunch break I met with...get ready for new...LIFE COACH.  No, this is not going to be like my last diet, or week of sobriety- this is going to last.  We met at a trendy coffee shop- perfect location for my new age adventure.  While sipping an Italian soda and munching on a hummus sandwich I explained to my life coach why I was meeting with her in the first place.  I told her that I want to make my dreams of being a full time writer a reality.  Sip of lemon soda, swallow of hummus toast.  She seemed excited, like I was the perfect client for life coaching.  I told her that I am otherwise satisfied with the place that my life has decided to dwell.  That felt good- because it was actually true.  I am in love.  I have a beautiful (yes he is still beautiful even after I scalped him) child and the majority of my bills are paid..some not on time but that is neither here nor there. 
The only thing that my life is lacking (besides frequent vacations and pretty feet) is fulfillment.  The creative side of me- although often taken for a test driver is not yet on the open road.  I also told her that I need a secure plan in place to make this happen and that is what I need her help with.  Planning is not my strong point- just ask my life coach.  I was supposed to meet her Saturday at the bookstore and totally forgot.  I have the ideas- I just need a bit of help with the follow through. 
I really have been working hard during my few free minutes to make connections in the writing world, blog as often as possible and think positively about the future of Morgan U- World Renowned Writer. 
When going through the list of contacts I have made and people I have seeked out to help my career along my life coach said the best thing a life coach could ever tell a client: "You are going to make know why? Because you've got balls!"  So bloggy fans here's a my balls!

If you would like to check out my writing guru and now life coach- check it out