Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesdays Random Thoughts

A glimpse into my thought processes.

Making popcorn in an office setting should be like chewing gum in elementary school- you can only do it if you have enough to share with everyone...or at least me. 

I really need to clean out my fridge because I have gotten to the point where I have to hold my breath before opening it.  I also make a game plan before venturing in as to be in and out in the shortest amount of time possible.  For example last night I had left over spaghetti.  Before grabbing the container I made a check list of what I would need once the door was open.  Container of spaghetti a given, Parmesan cheese- check, extra sauce in case its dry- check, gigantic bottle of wine-which I will pour in a gigantic wine glass so that a) I don't have to go back for a little while to stinky fridge and b) so that I don't feel bad about skipping strength training because I only had one glass...by the time I go back to stinky fridge to pour second glass I won't care. 

If I am already doing your laundry and letting you have sex with me...on Saturday's..I think you owe me three months salary in the form of a shiny ring that I can show off to friends and family while saying...see I told you it would happen one day!

Is it Friday yet?


MorganU said...

THis is a test- some popel say they cant leave comments- wanted to see if I could.