Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tis a Sad Day

There is a dark cloud over many heads in Rutland County today. Today, the news broke that a dear member of our community Madeline Sherman had passed away. Mrs. Sherman, often referred to as just Sherman was my hard ass, high school history teacher. She called me Megan the entire time that she knew me. She handed out detentions for minor infractions. She commanded the room with her deep, loud voice. The sound of her high heels coming down the hallway caused fear for both teachers and students, and yet we loved her.
We loved how she had a way of getting the slackers to complete work on time. We loved how she would tell us that our skirts were too short (they were). We loved how her slip was always showing, and that she was allowed to eat in her classroom..but we weren't. We loved how she had a way of making the bully feel like a complete ass, and the victim feel uplifted. We loved how nothing was done properly if it wasn't done the Sherman way.
We will miss the New York City trips that she spent endless hours organizing and carrying through. We will miss her face at all of the PHS events, because she was a dedicated fan.

I will miss being Megan.

Mrs Sherman you will never be forgotten.