Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Harrassing Blog Readers

So I am truly honored that a few of you readers have taken it upon yourselves to hound me when I have not blogged in a week. I know, I promised more and last week I blogged alot. The thing is that nothing really exciting or blog-worthy has happened lately.
I mean I could tell you about how I dressed as a German Beer Wench for Halloween and partied like there was no tomorrow all the while pretending that my name was Inga. I could tell tell you that I danced up a storm in actual good for your feet shoes (beer wench clogs) and still woke up with sore knees because I am:
a)out of shape and
b) getting old.
But that is not a full blog.
Maybe I should tell you that I have officially mastered the art of mooching- and ended my busy monday with a free facial, but unless you want to hear how I have combination skin and out of whack hormones then again, I got nothing.
If you want me to go on and on about how wonderful my son is one second and how terribly two he is the next, then I will, but I feel as if I have overdone that and you might make a call to child protective services if I over do it.
Most of you seemed to enjoy my diet blog..uhh humm..well my update on that is that I started Weight Watchers and have lost 5 lbs...I am starting to feel sexy again and I just might allow Honey to keep the lights on...if he throws a blanket over the shade and promises not to stare. But my belly is not rumbling, my thighs are thinner and that's all there is too it. Diet blogs are way more humorous when Hungry Hippo can't put down the pizza.
Often times I tell you all about my love affair with booze, but isn't that getting old. I mean, it is winter so I have switched to red...not funny, unless I post a picture of myself with red wine lips..kinda funny, kinda scary. Also, I care about what you blog readers think about me, and as true as it might be, I dont want you to think of me as an alcoholic (I prefer wino). The last thing I need is to show up at what I think is a party and have it be an intervention...unless maybe it was the intervention that is to be televised with Dr Drew and then, just maybe if I am having a good hair day, I will forgive you.
I could tell you that I am bored at work and that my coworkers are lame, but actually that is not the case. I am most content in my job- besides the fact that I have to get up before noon to get there and that I have to be there 40 hours a week...I think 15 hrs would suffice..maybe 10.
I could even go back to trashing Pretty Much Husband for his lack of cleanliness and motivation, but now that I have a cleaning lady, and a working washing machine, not too much there. Although, I still have to remind him that we have a dishwasher, show him where it is and beat him when he doesn't get it right and puts his dishes on our bedside table.
I have thought it would be a funny blog to clean out my car and fill you in on all of the crap that I found in it, but that would intail cleaning out my car, and honestly- not going to happen.
Oh, I just remembered something that you will most likely chuckle at (if you don't give me a break, I am struggling here). I have been washing machine-less for the last year. Actually, I have been under the impression that my washing machine was broken for the last year. After laundromat trips, mooching off of others with washing machine capabilities and breaking my parents machine, I decided that I would plug in my washer and give it another try. It worked..just fine. You see the reason that it had stopped mid cycle about 365 days ago was that I set it on small load and then filled it like a clown car..apparently when you have to sit on the machine to get all the clothes in it- that is considered a LARGE load. Apparently, (ask my dads dead machine) washing machines don't like to be treated like Hot Dog Eating Competitors (was that a strech or what).
That's all I got folks. I am sorry to let you down. I will try extra hard to get myself in to more situations inwhich you can laugh with (at) me. I would do that for you...my blog fans! I love you all!


flyingmoon530 said...

At least you knew that the detergent doesnt stain your clothes.

tammyc said...

its about time! have been waiting for days for you to put out a new blog ... starting to get the dts!