Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yosemite Sam

Actual conversation between myself and Pretty Much Hubby:

Me: What are you looking at?
PMH: nothing…
Me: You’re looking at my lip, do I have a mustache?
PMH: Yeah, actually, you kinda do.
Me: Shut up! Really? Is is it black or blonde?
Me: Should I wax it?
PMH: Yes
Me: Don’t tell me that!
PMH: What? I’m just looking out for you.

Great. I have a mustache that rivals Sam Elliot’s. I mine as well go as Sasquach for Halloween. No wonder he won’t marry me!
I mean I have noticed my upper lip peach fuzz, but I just assumed that I was the only one noticing it. Oh my god, do you know how many times I have asked myself “Doesn’t that (fill in the name of an oblivious, hairy person) realize that if she can see it, so can everyone?”
I am that girl.
I am that one that thinks she has eyes unlike anyone else’s. Eyes that see upper lip peach fuzz (It’s called a mustache) that is invisible to everyone else. Please, tell me if I have a spare tire, a unibrow, a club foot…anything that I might be unaware (or in denial) of. But please, let me down easy, I am in a hairy, fragile state.


Corky said...

haha so I am not the only one! We had nearly the same exact conversation and since then he just refers to it as my "stache". Only difference here is that he doesn't want me to wax it because the potential rash could be even worse. worse? great, I didn't even realize anything bad was going on. Yes it's blonde and yes it shines in the sunlight in the car, I am told. I feel like such a lady....

Anonymous said...

Wait until you get that one hair on your chin that grows overnight to be an inch long (at least I keep trying to convince myself that it grows that fast overnight or I might have to admit that I was walking around with a hair sprouting out of my chin for days before I actually noticed it!)

kwinee918 said...

Hey, lets not get too picky about unibrows! BTW you wrote "mine" instead of "might"! :)

Ashley.SoItGoes said...

Okay, what are us blondies supposed to do about this? I didn't notice it until I saw a fake-blonde friend with a lil dark fuzz on her lip and then I got really self conscious. I too suffer from the blonde fuzz... do you wax it and risk it growing back darker? or leave it be and thank the lord it's blonde? Please let me know what you decide, as this is a matter of utmost importance!!!

Morgan U said...

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