Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Me? A Model?

So, a few unrelated yet related things have happened to me this week having to do with models/modeling. The first was that at a party (where was her child?) I was told that I looked like Tyra Banks. For those of you that know me, go get a tissue clean up whatever just came flying out of your nose. For those of you that don't know me,
a) I am a white girl.
b)I am a white girl that looks more like tired mother of toddler than anything
c)did I mention that I am a white girl?
I decided right then and there that I might, just might have to lay off the self tanner...just a bit.
Okay, on to the second thing. I was judging a talent show recently for a fund raiser and I was asked to pose for an ad for said fundraising organization. The ad will run in the Newspaper through November. OMG...I have been discovered!
The modeling world will never be the same. Move over Gisele because 5 ft 4in and slightly out of shape with hair extentions and a fake tan is the new IT.
So maybe it is the Local Paper and not Vogue, and maybe I was wearing my own clothes and there was no makeup girl in sight. But, I will have you know that in my head, I was Tyra at that moment. I was striking a pose like it was going to get me a reality show, a talk show, and a Swimsuit Edition cover. And you know what, being Tyra is a blast!


Colin McGee said...

You don't look a bit like Tyra Banks. You're MUCH prettier.

MorganU said...

You really know how to butter a gal up!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

did you smize? because tyra always smizes.

MorganU said...

Whats smize?