Saturday, October 24, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

I have an excuse for everything.  Take right now for example, my excuse for sitting here listening tojazz and blogging instead of cleaning out the smelly fridge is that my feet are cold.  The kitchen floor is cold and so are my feet, so i should blog. 
My excuse for not cleaning out my car is raining, which would be a valid excuse if it weren't for the fact that my excuse last weekend for not cleaning out the car was that it was too nice see the issue?
My excuse for leaving work an hour early yesterday was that I had finished all my work and i was bored.  Again, valid unless you were to peek at the corner of  my desk, spot the ever groing pile and ask me why I don't do something about that.  I would reply, its Friday..I don't want to do work.
I have always had excuses, excuses for being late, excuses for not doing my homework, for having a messy room, for bouncing a check etc.
The ironic part of this blog (which is an excuse to not be doing chores), is that i hate it when other people make excuses, even valid.  For example when Pretty Much Hubby has not had time to work on our house because he is working 7 days a week to pay for supplies for said house because my paycheck is next to nil and I cant help out, I tell him to stop making excuses.  When people at work are using personal problems as excuses for their as of late slackerness I tell them to suck it up (actually i tell other people that excuse maker needs to suck it up).  I even get frusterated when people complain about their weight and do nothing about it! She complains about her weight all the time...and I have never seen her step foot in a gym..Shut up, I have bad knees!
Whats my excuse for my hypocritical attitude you ask? For this, I have no excuse.


Teri said...

What's your excuse for being so hot? :)

Morgan U said...

self tanner and hair extentions!

Caitlin Canty said...

one of my favorite posts ever. can't wait for a book full of these!

Morgan U said...

Thanks K K

Ashley.SoItGoes said...

Haha, I'm an excellent excuse maker! Ut-oh does that mean you won't like me?