Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Id Rather Be Doing

I have been cranky lately. I think that sleeping with an ever growing almost two year old is a large part of the reason. This morning, my favorite morning radio show posed the question, "What do you daydream about?"
I have been sitting at my desk this morning doing just that, daydreaming...

I'm in my beautiful gourmet kitchen that is warm from the stove being on. The smell of basil, oregano and garlic fills the air from the pot of sauce simmering. I have an apron on and am having a great hair day. My family is all there and their loud stories are competing with Frank Sinatra's "You're No Body Til Somebody Loves You'. There is an endless supply of red wine as we laugh, and sip and snack.

But a dream is all that that is. I am in fact, sitting in my office, about to dive once again into the stack of billing that I have ignored for long enough. My kitchen is far from gourmet and my family is even further. So instead, I am cranky.