Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reitteration of It Isn't Easy Being Me

Today I
1. Woke up late after planning on waking a half hour early.
2. Started a load of laundry, had the washing machine die on me and had to rinse clothes in sink.
3. Guilt tripped friends into babysitting because I had a mandatory training tonight that I had not planned for (I helped organize it)
4. Ran out of cat food- no money until tomorrow night so Banana will be eating tuna fish tomorrow.
5. Learned that my SUV will go 24.5 miles on E....and that
6. The gas station down the road will take my check with a little cleavage persuasion.
7. Got Pretty Much Hubbies friends to leave in less than 5 minutes after my return home by..
8. Bitching at Pretty Much hubby from the minute I walked in the door which..
9. Pissed off PMH which made me..
10. Cry a little and then..
11. Realized that this is an average day in my crazy world and crying aint gonna fix it, so then I ..
12. Blogged which made me...
13. Feel much better.


joanna said...

Oh dear... I blogged this morning which made me feel better too. I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortune but I really needed a laugh tonight (and cleavage yesterday). Luv ya!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

guilt-tripping friends into babysitting is the best! i like people to owe me so I can whip out the you owe me card when I need a babysitter.

Anonymous said...

Hope it wasn't my washing machine.

Morgan U said...

If you are SU it was, it wouldnt even start and I had already put in the soap!

Anonymous said...

Great!! I think that you over loaded the last time you used it and killed it.
Please call Gary N - his number is on a sticker that is on the dryer. I want it fixed before I return home.