Monday, June 15, 2009

Recipe for a Wonderful Solo Evening

Recipe for a successful evening...
Ingredients - Jammies (preferably flannel)
Slippers- fuzzy
giant glass of wine (white in the summer, red in the winter)
Diana Kraul CD
Fabulous book (trashy magazine also acceptable)

Directions- After a usually crappy day in your dim, dingy office drive 9 miles over the speed limit home. Once home ignore new bills that are half hanging out of your broken mail box and head straight for the laundry basket that contains the clean and semi clean clothes and dig out your most comfortable pair of jammies. I suggest yoga pants and an inside out sweatshirt, but really anything will do. Kick off your sexy shoes and replace immediately with 100% unsexy fuzzy slippers. Head to kitchen. Find the cleanest/largest wine (or pint) glass and fill to brim. Sip. AHH. Pop in the Diana Kraul, Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble CD and begin to imagine yourself at a cafe in Tuscany. find the book that you have been reading for the past 6 months and go back a chapter as to remember where you left off. sit in His chair (even though you complain about how ugly it is you have to admit that it is way more comfortable than your gorgeous couch.) and kick your feet up. This is a great recipe to use on that odd occasion that your child/ children are not home, your Honey is busy and you dropped your phone in the toilet. Warning: this recipe is easily ruined if you let your mind wander to the unvacuumed carpet, the laundry pile that has consumed half of your bathroom, or the fact that you really don't know where your child/ children are, so take time to ensure that all of this is taken care of ahead of time, preferably by someone else.