Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picking Up Poop

When exactly did it become necesarry to walk your dog, carrying a plastic bag and wearing rubber gloves so that everytime your K9 does his business you have to reach on down to Gods green earth and pick up said poop with said gloved hand? Does this seem sane? Do people even question why it is ok for every other animal on the planet to leave deposits wherever their little tails desire? I dont even have a dog and everytime i see someone stooping to such insanity it enrages my inner angry child I want to put my head out the window and scream "you silly human, why are you giving in to this craziness.....for zillions of years dogs, cats, squirells and elephants alike have been crapping outside...."I have never passed a gravestone that read "dead from excessive amounts of doggy dew deposited in yard. My yard has worms, potato bugs, spiders and grubs, really what harm can a little poop do?

Clearly, I am having anger issues right now. Clearly I am frusterated with job, life, home etc. clearly it is not the lack of dog poop on my yard that is making me so volatile......but really pet owners across the globe save me from my coming anurism and leave the poop!